4 trends in software development

Things change very fast in the software industry. Something that was trendy last year may not exist this year. By knowing the latest trends in software development, you will be able to develop the best solutions for your business. Here we are going to look at the latest trends this year.

Demand for blockchain

The bitcoin has become very popular today. Businesses are now considering developing blockchain development. This technology will allow large-scale non-cash transactions right away without the need for any intermediaries. The technology will not only influence the financial sector but also the healthcare, administration and other sectors as well.

Progressive web apps

These apps combine the features of modern browsers with a great mobile experience. The demand for web apps will grow compared to the mobile apps in future. These apps are easy to develop and maintain than the mobile apps.

Internet of Things

You must have already seen Apple Watch, Android Wear, etc. The demand for Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing. You will soon see driverless cars and will be able to connect things to your home appliances and communication devices. There are huge possibilities of IoT. Applications will be developed to seamlessly control the devices from anywhere anytime.


Security is the major concern for all businesses today. With the number of hackers on the rise, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be stressed more. There will be high demand for cybersecurity this year.

These trends will be noticeable this year. You should incorporate these trends into your business too in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.